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Montana NSF Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR)

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About Montana NSF EPSCoR

Montana NSF EPSCoR is a Montana University System program focused on stimulating sustainable improvements in Montana's R&D capacity and competitiveness in science and engineering research. We partner with the National Science Foundation EPSCoR (Established Program to Stimulate Competitive Research) program to develop and manage strategic projects funded by competitive NSF EPSCoR awards to the state.

Our current RII Track-1 project (2018-2023) is the Consortium for Research on Environmental Water Systems (CREWS).


CREWS Research Seed Programs 2019: Research, Tribal Colleges, 2-4 Year Campuses

Oct 28 2019
2019 CREWS competitive seed funding programs: research, tribal colleges, and 2-4 year campuses
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2019 NSF EPSCoR National Conference

Oct 30 2019
NSF EPSCoR National Conference 2019 in Columbia, SC
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CREWS Research Seed Award Program - 2019

Oct 14 2019
The CREWS Research Seed Award Program is designed to fund innovative research related to water quality and build research capacity across Montana’s higher education…
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Billings Gazette story on Colstrip ash pond

Aug 1 2019

The Billings Gazette featured a story on July 30, 2019 titled: "Colstrip ash pond plans still unsettled, regulators say." Click the link below the read the story.

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Billings Gazette Article on nitrates in ground water

Aug 1 2019

The Billings Gazette featured a front page story on July 30, 2019 titled: "Nitrate concern has Worden, Ballantine restricting tap water, warning parents not to give…

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What we do

We develop and manage NSF ESPCoR Research Improvement Investment (RII) Awards to Montana to promote development of science and technology capacity across the Montana University System. With RII support we have:

  • 125 faculty hired in strategic areas
  • 300+ graduate students supported on projects
  • 1K+ undergraduate students supported on projects
  • 100+ Native American Students supported on projects

Featured Projects

  • RII Track-1: 2018-2023

    PI: Ragan Callaway (UM) Project Director
    The Consortium for Research on Environmental Water Systems (CREWS) is a five-year, $20M NSF EPSCoR RII Track-1 partnership between the University of Montana, Montana State University, Montana Technological University, Salish Kootenai College, Little Bighorn College, and business and government partners to study Montana’s environmental water systems and specific water quality issues.
  • RII Track-1: 2011-2018

    PI: Ray Callaway (UM)
    Montana research on ecosystems from microbes to landscapes, including creation of the Montana Institute on Ecosystems (IoE)
  • RII Track-2 FEC: 2017-2021

    PI: Zac Cheviron (UM)
    UM partnership with University of Nebraska Lincoln focused on understanding how organisms function in complex environments and how they acclimate and adapt to environmental challenges.