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Environmental Signals, Synoptics and Sensors (ESSS) researchers will develop new sensors and the inferential modeling techniques required to support core project studies at the UCFR, JRW, and PRB sites. ESSS activities align with Montana’s Science and Technology Plan to “develop deployable field sensors for resource management and land reclamation”. Tasks are integrated with activities of the SEES and MEES teams because sensor data underpin efforts to understand the environmental processes that dictate the life cycle of water contaminants. ESSS activities will focus on coordinating sensor deployment, data management of resulting signal and synoptic data, development of new and more cost-effective environmental sensors, and development of necessary software capable of inferring environmental processes from sensor data. 

ESSS Team:

  • Mike DeGrandpre (UM)
  • Joe Shaw (MSU)
  • Rob Payn (MSU)
  • Bob Hall (UM)