Students at the University of Montana Western (UM Western) are conducting a public survey on the Warm Springs Ponds and want to hear from you.

This online questionnaire is part of a research project titled, Promoting Community Resilience Through Understanding: Social Perceptions of Water Quality and Contamination in the Upper Clark Fork River Watershed conducted by faculty and students at the University of Montana Western in Dillon, MT, and funded by Montana National Science Foundation (NSF) Consortium for Research on Environmental Water Systems (CREWS).

Led by CREWS seed-grant recipient Dr. Arica Crootof, an Assistant Professor in the Department of Environmental Sciences at UM Western, students hope to understand who uses the Warm Springs Ponds, how they use the ponds, and why or why not they use them. This research seeks to understand the public's use of and opinions about the Warm Springs Ponds. The faculty and students will share the information collected with the public, agencies, and organizations to incorporate the public's interests in future planning processes and activities.

 For more information and to take the survey - Click here: