Private water fill truck in Ryegate, MT. Many Central Montanans who reside outside city limits haul water from communal fill stations. Credit: Grete Gansauer

In the past year, members of the CREWS Natural Resource Social Science (NRSS) and Judith River Watershed (JRW) teams published two articles. The first article, entitled "Social memory and infrastructure governance: A century in the life of a rural water drinking system" was published in Environmental Research: Infrastructure and Sustainability. The paper examines how shared social memories of water hardship impact water governance decision-making in the town of Denton. Authors included NRSS leads Julia Haggerty and Libby Metcalf, JRW lead Stephanie Ewing, and graduate students Grete Gansauer and Jennifer Dunn. The second paper, "Beyond city limits: Infrastructural regionalism in rural Montana, USA," was published in Territory, Politics, Governance. Written by Gansauer and Haggerty, it analyzes the political geography of the Central Montana Regional Water Authority and its proposed regional water pipeline system. The team is currently in the final stages of preparing a third publication for submission. This article will use region-wide interview data to articulate the community resilience dynamics associated with drinking water governance in the Judith region.