JRW Coloring Page

A new activity developed by Montana NSF EPSCoR teaches kids about the Judith River Watershed and how CREWS researchers are studying the water and land in the region.

The activity features a coloring page handout illustrating all of the different kinds of research happening in the Judith River Watershed, including in the lab, in the field, and from above. The coloring page also highlights how the CREWS team is working together for clean water and the benefit of all. 

The backside of the coloring page includes more descriptive text that expands on the coloring page illustration. This story helps kids learn more about the importance of water, how people use and impact water in the Judith River Watershed, and how the CREWS team is working to address some of the questions and challenges that surround water quality.  

This activity is available for anyone to print and use for free. To download a PDF of the handout please click on the file link at the bottom of the page.

To learn more about the CREWS-Judith River Watershed team visit https://www.mtnsfepscor.org/projects/crews/research/jrw. The team's PIs include:

  • Lead: Stephanie Ewing (MSU)
  • Mike DeGrandpre (UM)
  • Erik Grumstrup (MSU)
  • Julia Haggerty (MSU)
  • Rob Payn (MSU)
  • Joe Shaw (MSU)
  • Jack Skinner (MTU)
  • Rob Walker (MSU)
  • Katherine Zodrow (MTU)