The close integration of research and education is the focal point from which all other project elements derive. MT NSF EPSCoR supports innovative education activities that directly link to research objectives and enhance Montana's STEM workforce. Our education activities focus on undergraduate and graduate students but include programs designed to foster STEM education in Montana's K-12 institutions.

Powder River Basin

Powder River Basin: Open-air coal mining creates high salinity (sulfate, SO42-) in surface waters of the Powder River Basin (PRB) and poses threats to downstream agriculture, livestock and livelihoods. PRB research will…

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Judith River Watershed

Judith River Watershed: Agricultural activities in the Judith River Watershed (JRW) have led to exceptionally high levels of NO3- and a cocktail of organic pesticides in ground water, challenging farming communities and…

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Upper Clark Fork River

Upper Clark Fork River: Water quality in the Upper Clark Fork River (UCFR) suffers from a century-old mining legacy. Heavy metals and N enrichment influence aquatic communities and processes. UCFR research will investigate how…

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