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Undergraduate and Graduate Students
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Call for Year 5 CREWS Commercialization & Innovation Interns

  • Do you have a research project that has possible commercial potential?
  • Are you interested in having an intern explore that potential for you?
  • CREWS has four funded intern opportunities with flexible timing.
  • Applications due by October 28, 2022

Key Points on Commercialization internships:

  • $4,000 for approximately a one semester time-frame (can be open-ended with flexible starts, either later this term; December-January; spring term; or even summer)
  • Open to either existing CREWS students or new students who you could recruit specifically for this internship opportunity.
  • Can be used in connection with leveraged research activity that has CREWS (water quality) ties.
  • Project may be supervised by a partner in either the private sector or a government agency.

To apply, please email the following information by October 28 to info@mtnsfepscor.org:

1. A brief description of the innovative idea, including the problem it solves and who the anticipated users of the innovation might be 

2. Name of the student, email address, and a brief bio

3. Name of faculty advisor, and potential private/NGO/government agency partner (if applicable)

4. The timing for the internship (anticipated start date with completion due by 8/31/23; commitment of student hours to the internship). 

5Anticipated outcomes/deliverables (market assessment analysis; technical feasibility analysis; intellectual property/patentability; etc.); interns will present a brief overview at the next All Hands meeting.

Jakki is happy to brainstorm with you about your ideas and help dial in possible commercialization ideas/opportunities. She also has sample applications from past interns if that would be helpful. Don’t hesitate to reach out:  Jakki.Mohr@umontana.edu or 406-544-5837.

Prior CREWS internships can be found here: