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Sigler, W. Adam; Montana State University
Ewing, Stephanie; Montana State University
Payn, Robert; Montana State University
Jones, Clain A; Montana State University

Data and R code bundled here provide a framework to implement the open source Hydrus-1D soil water model to characterize influence of crop rotation, weather, and soils on root zone water flux in a non-irrigated annual cultivation agricultural system. Simulated water flux is combined with soil nitrate concentrations averaged by 2-year rotational sequence to produce nitrate leaching estimates. This framework and the associated results are the analytical underpinning of a paper in revision at the journal of Agricultural Ecosystems & Environment. Included are all data necessary to run the simulations, code to run the simulations (Hydrus 1D software required - see Related Resources for archived version used), code to aggregate/plot the results, and all of the results.

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Sigler, W. A., S. Ewing, R. Payn, C. A. Jones (2020). Cultivated soil water dynamics with many Hydrus 1D simulations using R, HydroShare,
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