Data Creator
DeGrandpre, Michael D - University of Montana
Young, Fischer L - University of Montana

These data were collected by the University of Montana and Montana State University to support the Upper Clark Fork River restoration monitoring project supported by the US NSF Long Term Research in Environmental Biology (LTREB) program. The original analytical intent for these data was to assess the response of river inorganic carbon system to the floodplain restoration. Data are lab analyses of pH and total alkalinity in samples of well-mixed river thalweg water. Data are from the 2020 water year (1 Oct 2019 to 30 Sep 2020). Data were collected on the Upper Clark Fork River (USGS HUC 17010201) at project sites distributed along the river from the vicinity of Anaconda to Missoula, Montana, USA. Lab analyses include high-precision colorimetric pH analysis and gran titration of alkalinity. 

Data Repository
Environmental Data Initiative (EDI)
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DeGrandpre, M.D. and F.L. Young. 2021. Water year 2020 monitoring of the inorganic carbon system (pH and total alkalinity) in the Upper Clark Fork River (Montana, USA) ver 1. Environmental Data Initiative. (Accessed 2022-08-02).
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