SMRC staff facilitate SMART FIRES activities at MSU Family Science Day

On Tuesday, February 13, staff from the Science Math Resource Center (SMRC) facilitated SMART FIRES activities at MSU’s Family Science Day. Over 200 fifth grade students from local schools came to campus to engage with hands-on activities centered around STEM research at MSU. At the SMART FIRES table the students learned about sensors, which are a core research area of the project. Students made a light-up SMART FIRES card, where they colored a flame and then learned how to build a mini-sensor by connecting a diode light to a lithium battery that they put on the card. The SMRC staff asked the students about the colors they used on their card, how they might detect fire, and how controlled burns could be used to help with wildfires. Staff at the table also demonstrated an air quality sensor with the students. Using a Wynd Air Quality Tracker sensor, the staff lit a small candle in a box, placed the sensor next to it, and then blew out the candle. The students were able to see in real-time how the sensor detected the smoke and changed color to indicate poor air quality. Once the smoke was cleared, the sensor then changed to a color indicating healthy air quality. 

Staff from SMRC pose in front of the SMART FIRES table


One of the activities demonstrated how air quality sensors detect and measure smoke