Picture of Hedi Casquilho-Gray at the spectrUM Discovery Area

CREWS is saying a bittersweet farewell to our colleague Hedi Casquilho-Gray, who will be leaving her position at the University of Montana in June to begin a new career as a high school science teacher in Hawaii. Hedi will be joining Teach for America, which trains and supports promising leaders to teach in low-income communities. As associate director of finance and operations with UM’s Broader Impacts Group (BIG) and a biologist by training, Hedi has shared her expertise as both a grant administrator and an informal science educator with the CREWS broader engagement team. When she isn't managing spectrUM Discovery Area’s funds, Hedi is often behind their Discovery Bench leading fun, hands-on STEM activities with K-12 students and their families or pitching in at many of spectrUM and BIG's outreach programs and camps. Hedi always brings a wonderful sense of humor and creative problem-solving attitude to whatever she's doing, whether that's "counting the beans" or making slime with kids. Hedi will be missed by CREWS, but we wish her well in her teaching career and are certain her students will benefit from her love of science and learning.