Photo of Sierra Fisher-Dykman

Montana NSF EPSCoR welcomes Montana State University student Sierra Fisher-Dkyman, who is now serving as an intern for the Montana Girls STEM Collaborative.

Sierra is a senior at MSU studying Elementary Education, Special Education, and Spanish. Here are Sierra's words:

"When I was offered this internship position, I was thrilled to accept and be a part of this amazing organization. I am a Montana native and grew up in the great outdoors. As a little girl, I constantly found ways to interact with science and nature. One of my favorite pastimes was to upturn rocks to find insects, spiders, and slugs. From a young age I also took interest in geology—a passion that my dad and I share. To this day we still partake in a yearly crystal digging trip.

Throughout my schooling I became involved in Science Olympiad and the Montana State Science Fair—two events in which I was able to develop skills in the STEM fields. In eighth grade I even won the state science fair with a project involving the harvesting of energy from mud. In high school I made the decision to pursue Special Education, though my love for science never faltered.

Last year I was able to combine these two passions and modify STEM materials to be accessible for students with disabilities. This project started an enthusiastic collaboration in finding modes to make STEM more accessible for all students. I am thrilled to be a part of this collaborative to continue finding ways to involve more students in STEM."

We are excited to welcome Sierra to our team!