CREWS Reverse Site Visit with NSF
Mar 12 2020
Reverse Site Visit (RSV) for NSF Research Infrastructure Improvement Track-1 Award (OIA-1757351)
EPSCoR/IDeA Coalition and Foundation Annual Meeting
Feb 24 2020

The annual meeting of the EPSCoR/IDeA Coalition and Foundation will be held on February 24, 2020 at the Phoenix Park Hotel in Washington, DC. The annual meeting will begin at 9:00 a.m. on February 24th and conclude with a reception that evening.

Seminar: CREWS Researcher Elizabeth Meredith
Jan 30 2020
Characterizing Water Resources Around Oil and Gas Development: A Cautionary Tale
2019 NSF EPSCoR National Conference
Oct 28 2019
2019 26th NSF EPSCoR National Conference
CREWS All-Hands Meeting
Oct 7 2019

Year 2 All-Hands Meeting for the CREWS project. This will be a working meeting for team participants.

Joe Griffin
Montana Tech Public Lecture Series: Joe Griffin
Sep 5 2019
Joe Griffin, Montana DEQ (retired)
Citizen science workshop collage
Educator workshop: Citizen science
Jun 28 2019

Bring history, citizen science, NASA technologies and Montana water quality research to your classroom or out-of-school program as you meld the mystique of the Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail with modern tools for data collection.

 When Meriwether Lewis and William Clark journeyed 8,229 miles across America in the early 1800s, they used laborious and time-consuming processes to record their observations and map the region. Fast-forward 200+ years, and we now carry sophisticated tools for data collection right in our pockets!

 In this workshop, we will:

CREWS Sensor Training
Jun 4 2019

CREWS project team training for sensor deployment

CREWS Project Leads Meeting
Apr 25 2019

Meeting for leads on all CREWS project components

Board Icon Image
CREWS External Advisory Board Meeting
Apr 17 2019

CREWS External Advisory Board Meeting