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IoE Rough Cut Science - Fall 2017
Sep 6 2017
Learn about the The IoE Rough Cut Series for the Fall Semester 2017 here:
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NSF EPSCoR PD/PA Meeting May 2017
May 15 2017

The May 2017 PD/PA meeting provides important means from NSF to communicate program and policy changes and for jurisdictions to share best practices.

2013 All-Hands Meeting and IoE Summit
MT EPSCoR All-Hands Meeting and IoE Science Summit
Apr 6 2017

Join MT EPSCoR and the IoE for an all-hands gathering of participants on the current NSF EPSCoR Track-1 project and a statewide science summit with the IoE.


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Feb 28 2017
MSU hosts a free science outreach event called NanoDays / MicroDays: a celebration of the small!
Hidden Lake
IoE Rough Cut Science - Bryan Shuman (U Wyo)
Feb 8 2017
Droughts, Fires, and Abrupt Changes in North American Forests During the Holocene
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Jan 26 2017

This is an NSF EPSCoR meeting that brings together the Project Directors and Project Administrators from EPSCoR jurisdictions to work with NSF and share information and best practices.

Otto Stein: MSU Mountains & Minds photo
Rough Cut Science - Otto Stein
Jan 18 2017
The Spring 2017 Rough Cut Science Series kicks off with MSU Professor of Civil Engineering Otto Stein. His talk is titled, "Patterns, Sources and Impacts of Spring Onset Variations in the U.S."