Postdoctoral researcher Rafael Feijo de Lima presents at Montana Chapter of the American Fisheries Society annual meeting

In early March, Rafael Feijo de Lima, a CREWS postdoctoral researcher at the University of Montana working with the Upper Clark Fork River (UCFR) team, presented at the Montana Chapter of the American Fisheries Society annual meeting. His talk, titled “Disentangling the impacts of multiple stressors in the Upper Clark Fork food web,” focused on ongoing multidisciplinary efforts to disentangle the effects of multiple stressors and provide information to restoration efforts and stakeholders in the UCFR. As described in the presentation abstract, “The UCFR headwaters suffer from mining legacy impacts and also nutrient enrichment caused by land use and other natural features of the watershed. These impacts historically led to a major decline in riverine integrity. The Montana EPSCoR-CREWS project has one of its main objectives to determine how heavy metals contamination, coupled with nutrient enrichment, alter aquatic ecosystems, acting as subsidies and stressors in the UCFR.” This presentation was produced as a collaborative effort among several CREWS researchers and students across UM and MSU, including Feijo de Lima, Ben Colman, Wyatt Cross, Taylor Gold-Quiros, Jose Ruiz Sanchez, Joe Shaw, and Maury Valett.