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Funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF),

Montana NSF EPSCoR supports capacity building by investing in researchers and institutions to better position them to compete for federal research funds.

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Montana part of NSF Track-2 awards

Link to the NSF press release.NSF Track-2 Press Release 2016.  


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Upcoming Events

Rough Cut Science

Fall 2016 - MSU and online

Join the IoE for a series of science talks by on a variety of EPSCoR related topics, or watch a live screencast.

Visiting Speaker Fall 2016

April at MSU and UM

Bill Schlesinger, Cary Institute, will give public talks at MSU and UM.

University of MontanaNSFMontana State University

EPSCoR 2016 / Supported by National Science Foundation Grant EPS-1101342