Strategic Plan

DRAFT RII Track-1 CREWS Project Strategic Plan Outline:

Element 1:     Research 

Research Thrust 1:     Metal contamination and nutrient enrichment in the Upper Clark Fork River (UCFR): subsidies, stressors, and river productivity
Research Thrust 2:     Origin and fate of NO3- and organic contaminants in groundwater affected by agricultural intensification: Judith River Watershed (JRW)
Research Thrust 3:     Impaired Water in Energy Extraction Landscapes: Powder River Basin (PRB)
Research Thrust 4:     Systems Ecology and Earth Sciences (SEES) - Disciplinary Synthesis
Research Thrust 5:     Molecular Engineering and Environmental Science (MEES) - Disciplinary 
Research Thrust 6:     Environmental Signals, Synoptics and Sensors (ESSS) - Disciplinary Synthesis 
Research Thrust 7:     Natural Resource Social Science (NRSS) - Disciplinary Synthesis

Element 2:     Education and Workforce Development
Element 3:     Cyberinfrastructure and Data Management
Element 4:     Diversity and Inclusion
Element 5:     Outreach and Communications
Element 6:     Partnerships and Sustainability
Element 7:     Management, Evaluation, and Assessment


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