Upper Clark Fork River

Upper Clark Fork River: Water quality in the Upper Clark Fork River (UCFR) suffers from a century-old mining legacy. Heavy metals and N enrichment influence aquatic communities and processes. UCFR research will investigate how nutrients and metals act as subsidies and stressors in the context of river productivity, algal blooms, and ecological integrity along a contaminated river.

UCFR Team:

  • Lead: Valett (UM)
  • Berthelote (SKC)
  • Colman (UM)
  • Cross (MSU)
  • DeGrandpre (UM)
  • Downey (MTech)
  • Hall (UM)
  • Lichtenberg (SKC)
  • Metcalf (UM)
  • Payn (MSU)
  • Shaw (MSU)