Innovative approaches to science communications: Game-based learning

Nov 10 2021 4:00 pm

We are building an online game that helps budding young scientists explore career pathways and opportunities, and you can be part of it! Join us for this informative and interactive presentation and learn how games and gamification play a role in education, outreach, and science communication. 

Dr. Tricia Seifert, MSU education professor and game developer / researcher, will describe the powerful role of tabletop and online games in STEM education, outreach and career pathways for young people. Tricia will give an overview of games and gamification in education and outreach, and discuss how we can harness game-based learning to promote student success and advance equity and inclusion in STEM. Tricia and EPSCoR team member Suzi Taylor will describe a new outreach initiative that allows all Montana NSF EPSCoR students, faculty and staff to contribute their research, studies and personal backgrounds to the storylines of a virtual environment that features EPSCoR-related science and STEM career pathways for Montana high school students. This presentation will be of interest to anyone affiliated with the EPSCoR project and especially to those who are interested in innovative ways to share the broader impacts of our research with diverse audiences.

Tricia Seifert is a professor of adult and higher education at Montana State University and founder of SuccessPrints Crash Course, a board game that uses game-based learning to let students explore college life. She has worked with students and teachers across Montana and around the world to research the impacts of games on student success.

Suzi Taylor is director of the Science Math Resource Center at MSU and an EPSCoR Education-Outreach-Diversity team member for the last 10 years.

Please register at https://bit.ly/mtepscor-game