CREWS Reverse Site Visit with NSF

Mar 12 2020 7:30 am - Mar 13 2020 4:00 pm
Alexandria, Virginia

Reverse Site Visit (RSV) for NSF Research Infrastructure Improvement Track-1 Award (OIA-1757351). A team from Montana will travel to NSF for the RSV.

The RSV mechanism is an important component of the post-award management and oversight of RII Track-1 Cooperative Agreements with NSF EPSCoR. The Year-2 RSVs offer awardees the opportunity to provide detailed progress reports on their current RII Track-1 project relative to its established goals and objectives, and to describe plans for future research and other project elements. NSF EPSCoR reviews the RSV findings and provides feedback and recommendations with the goal of maximizing overall success of the project’s research and other activities.