CREWS-JRW Team Meeting

May 4 2021 12:00 pm
WebEx Virtual Meeting
A creek running through a CREWS-JRW field site

Presentation from Jessica Andriolo, Ph.D., Montana Tech

Picture of Jessica Andriolo

“Photo-Activation of Sensitized Denitrification Filters”

Fertilizers provide critical nutrient replenishment to farmlands and result in productive crop yield. Despite these benefits, fertilizer application can result in nitrate contamination of soils and freshwater, thereby depleting available oxygen and diminishing water quality for animals and humans. Our research includes the study of the fundamentals of photocatalytic denitrification and the development of a photocatalytic denitrification filtration system that could replace or complement natural denitrification processes.

Bio: Dr. Andriolo’s background is in medical sciences and she holds degrees in Cell Biology and Neuroscience (B.S.) and Health Science (M.S.). Dr. Andriolo’s Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering focused on nanomaterials characterization, nanoscale drug delivery systems, and the interactions of nanomaterials with bacterial and mammalian cells. Dr. Andriolo has been a part of the Montana Tech Nanotechnology Laboratory since 2013 and currently leads biomedical-related research projects in the lab. Dr. Andriolo’s current research projects include on-demand electrospinning for wound care, light-activated drug delivery, synthesis of nanomaterials that reduce negative environmental impact, physiological modelling, improved drug stability during storage, and nanoscale antivirals. Dr. Andriolo’s presentation will discuss her research on fabrication methods and results of a photocatalytic denitrification filter made by electrospinning and subsequent functionalization.