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Montana NSF EPSCoR Successes

From 2001-2011

  • 87 (eight-seven) new faculty have been hired at Montana University System institutions.
  • 258 graduate students have received support for their studies
  • over 1340 undergraduates have participated in EPSCoR sponsored undergraduate research
  • since 2007, over 107 Native American tribal college stduents have participated in EPSCoR research projects

NSF EPSCoR has played a key role in establishing Montana as one of the national leaders in biomedical and health related issues, nanotechnology, the study of life in extreme environments, and ecosystem science.

Montana NSF EPSCoR has become a national model for the integration of economic development with university-based research and education.

The Montana NSF EPSCoR program has developed science and engineering programs that are both nationally significant and regionally relevant.